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Total Productive Maintenance program approach

by Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting

With this TPM journey the point is to discover and enlarge our own capabilities which we can use in our work and working environment. Not to implement as quick and as many possible Lean methodologies and techniques as a check in the box. 
The point is to create sustainable value

The Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Program is about a step by step approach:

  • Empowerment of the employees (operators and technicians are the driving force)

  • Improvement of the work environment, 

  • Improvement of the machines, 

  • Decrease of cost


We use Total Productive Maintenance tools and methodologies as an accelerant for change processes. While using this it becomes tangible and concrete, and we achieve actual results. Experience shows that especially within production areas a lot of value can be created to sustainably improve the working environment, which enables people to achieve their audacious personal and business goals.

Metamorphosis (life cycle) of the Swallo

What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in this program

​The ultimate goal of Total Productive Maintenance (or TPM) is to achieve optimal conditions where the people capabilities are being used in an optimal way     and      we strife for zero  accidents, zero defects and zero breakdown.

TPM focusses on the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of equipment by involving the people with these improvement activities. TPM is aiming on bringing and maintaining the equipments in top conditions, to  prevent breakdowns and delays in production processes and thereby increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). TPM is attacking the cause of the accelerated decline and at the same time creates the correct environment between employees and equipments to create the desired ownership.

The TPM program of Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting is divided in

6 different constructive phases

TPM Program Phases DOE-Consulting.png

Our unique TPM implementation support consists of



Step by step implementation instructions per methodology, including practical examples of implementations at other companies


In House Trainings

For further explanation of the theory


Management Workshops

In house brainstorm management workshops regarding change management, communication and program steering

03-05 Voorbeeld van Training 02.jpg

Video Trainings

In support of the presentations, workshops and trainings with additional explanations and examples. For quality assurance of the TPM essence during further rollout. The employees can view these in the time that suits them


Shop floor workshops

Side by side support with our consultants in the actual implementation and execution of the program


Audit system

An auditing system for an objective comparison based on the international JIPM audit, and a World Class Maintenance comparison system

Examples of TPM implementations

Examples of what TPM can bring with regards to autonomous inspections

CILT Examples - Dutch Operational Excell

Examples of what TPM can bring with regards to 5S

5S Examples - Dutch Operational Excellen

Examples of what TPM can bring with regards to Daily Management System & Meetings

DCS Examples - Dutch Operational Excelle

Total Productive Maintenance programma training preview in Dutch

Example of a training video in Dutch  for the TPM Program Phase 1 adressing the first stage of the Restore Basic Conditions. 

During this video we discuss a small but essential part of our program, in which we want to create the insights with the users to bring the machines, methods, executions,  trainings and materials back to the conditions in which they should be. In the Total Productive Maintenance program this is one of the first essential steps in building the fundament towards Autonomous Teams, World Class Operational Excellence and World Class Maintenance organizations.

EZ Factory

Next Steps

Contact us to know more where you are as an organization towards world class. And how this TPM program or elements of it, can help you towards a next step change.

We are very excited about this approach and there is way much more than we could show on this website. Curious about our trainings, our hand in hand approach or our other methods? Please contact us via and we will gladly explain.

In our Media section we have uploaded a TPM introduction video with some more content regarding our program.

Partnership with EZ Factory

EZ Factory and DOE Consulting.jpg

EZ-GO app from EZ Factory is an application tool which digitizes checklists, core tasks, audits and work instructions in factory workplaces, in order to brighten the daily work experience of factory operators. The tool is very intuitive, easy to use and therefore very powerful.

The EZ-GO support application is a fast track enabler of successful, solid and sustainable Operational Excellence implementations. That is why we are recommending the use of this application at our clients and in our implementations. 

For more information regarding the EZ Factory tool and it's capabilities you can visit the website or contact DOE Consulting.

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