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Personal Mission Vision Quest

From Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting we share the Personal Mission Vision Quest. With this challenge you will have a better understanding of your needs, where you want to grow to, and to have more understanding of what drives you. When you have a better understanding of your own Mission and Vision, a clear path emerges and will help you in everything you do. It will be explained via 12 elements in 14 videos. Are you up to the challenge?

Overview of the Mission Vision Quest

The fact that you are on this page, gives me the indication you personally want to improve toward the best version of yourself! Based on 12 ancient elements of life, I will guide you through ​a quest in finding your preferences and ideal states in these topics. The assignments are to write down, and digest your preferences on these topics. At the end we will combine the total picture, towards your Vision and Mission in life. As a bonus I will explain to you how to create a Vision board to print your desires into your subconsciousness, and make these dreams come true. The goal of this Mission Vision Quest is to bring back flow in your life, or to create even more flow. 

Although all videos will be published here very soon, the request is to only work on 1 element per day! You need to consult your cushion on each element, and take with you for a full day, to get most out of it. Do not try to rush it, as the effect will be less!  

As this is a general approach designed to fit all people, it is possible it will not fit exactly for you. If you still have personal questions, please contact us via email on to help you out. 

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Metamorphosis (life cycle) of the Swallo

Mission Vision Quest Introduction

A lot of people have lost their drive lately. In the past we would call it Mid-Life crisis, 30th dilemma resulting in many people going into a burn out or bore out. With this challenge you will have a better understanding of your needs, where you want to grow to, and to have more understanding of what drives you. When you have a better understanding of your own Mission and Vision, a clear path emerges and will help you in everything you do. In this introduction video I will explain more of the background and approach of this Mission Vision Quest Challenge. 

Mission Vision Quest Elements in specific sequence

Day 1: Material Possessions

Let's starts with the first 'simple' element, which is on top op most people mind in our Western world: what kind of Material possessions do you want to have?

Day 4: Learning & Development

Learning and development is about your willingness and openness to learning new skills. The short question for today is what do you still want to learn to further improve yourself?

Day 7: Creativity

This assignment is to be more creative in new thoughts and ideas. What are your best spots to be creative and what you need to be best creative?

Day 10: Contribution & Care

You can only receive when you are able to share. How well are you able to share and care? How much of your possessions, money or precious time are you sharing to a good cause?

Day 2: Activities & Travels

How active are you and are you still doing what you like? What do you want to start doing, or continu as activity?

Which new travel memories do you want to create?

Day 5: Communication

When we are communicating the main question is; are we making contact? Or are we just sending information, and not listening? Make a real connection while communicating

Day 8: Magical Moments

What kind of magical moments do you experience in your life? Be aware of all the wonders around you and your life will be much more interesting and joyful!

Day 11: Teaching & Mastery

We are going to discuss both your inspirators, and the master within you. By whom are you inspired and how do you want to inspire others? With what and to whom do you want to be an inspiration? Find the master within you.

Day 3: Health & Healing

How is your health? Are you positive in mind? Which kind of Placebo do you use in your life to be the best person you can be?

Day 6: Leadership

Are you able to lead in your own life? Who is behind the driving wheel of your car? Good luck with taking conscious decisions, and taking over the wheel in your life.

Day 9: Hart Connection

It’s about hart connection, family and closest friends. Which persons or animals, are closest to your hart, and in your inner circle? Who is in your second ring, and third?

Day 12: Self Image

Are you able to look in the mirror, and see a wonderful person? What is hindering you from this? Look at your image and find point that you love, and become your best friend.

Additional bonus meditation supporting episode 9: Hart Connection

The following audio is a bonus and supportive for the Hart Connection episode of this Mission Vision Quest. It is forbidden to do this exercise while driving a vehicle or working on machinery, as this is dangerous because it will influence your current state. 

It is recommended to perform this exercise in a place and time where you will not be disturbed for the next 10 minutes.

In episode 9 on Hart Connection I asked you to write down who is in your inner circle closest to your hart, and who is in your second and third ring. We will use these groups also for this exercise. Have fun and good luck with it.

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Creating your Vision with a Vision Board

Welcome in the next phase of the personal Mission Vision Quest Challenge. In this episode I am going to explain to you how to create a Powerful Vision Board.

If you have done all episodes of the mission vision quest, I have now made you aware of 12 elements in life. As said earlier people mostly have a visual preference of their senses. In this episode, we are going to create a vision board, based on the 12 elements I have discussed in the previous episodes. You first need to see all episodes of this mission vision quest first for in depth explanation of these individual elements, and do the assignments.

Good luck and have much fun with this creative exercise, but be aware of the power of the vision board. For example I need to update my vision board very often when I have fulfilled some items, and want to raise the bar to the next level. As said, the use of a Vision Board can be a powerful tool. When you finish your vision board, print it out and place it where you can look at it daily, or multiple times per day, so all your dreams can come through.

Your Personal Mission

As discussed we have now created a Vision board on how you want to see yourself in the near future. The next part will be on a higher level: What is your mission? But first you need to take the time to really create the vision board and the vision of yourself first to grasp those ideas and think about the red line through those items. So I will give you some time before we will go to the next phase, of finding your personal mission.

To explain the difference between a Vision and a Mission, I will take a company as example. A vision statement is sometimes called a picture of your company in the future but it’s so much more than that. Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning. It answers the question, "Where do we want to go?“. What you are doing when creating a vision statement is articulating your dreams and hopes for your business. A mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose. A mission statement answers the question, "Why do we exist?". The mission statement articulates the company's purpose both for those in the organization and for the public. The difference is that your mission is what you do best every day, and your vision is what the future looks like because you do that mission so exceedingly well. 

The explanatory video will be uploaded shortly as you first need to make sufficient time to do the Vision well.

Support from Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting

During this challenge I have made you aware of your own potential. Where you are good in naturally and where you get your energy from. We mostly compare ourself with others to learn from. This is a healthy behaviour, where we speed up our learning. But when we compare ourself with others and we only see flaws and incapabilities, it is unhealthy for us. Like Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Most of the times we will look at our capabilities and we try to make C’s from our D’s (or 6’s from our 4’s). In the end we will end up with all mediocre people.

But what if we will expand and thrive in what we are good at already? What if we would make A+’s from our B’s, or 10’s from our 7’s or 8’s? Henri Ford explained to people when he was accused that he did not know some things: “Now, will you kindly tell me, WHY I should clutter up my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?

This is where Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting can help you and or your business to further expand and grow. Now you know where your expertise is in, DOE-Consulting can help you to support and fill in the blanks and improve the rest. Our consultants have technical, business affiliations, but not at the level of your expertise. We know everything about Continuous Improvement programs, Operational Excellence, Change Management and Personal Coaching. If you still have questions where your expertise lies, we can further support you to find out where. So if you want to further expand and grow after this challenge, send us a message so we are able to support you. Then you can focus on what you do best, and we support you in the rest.

Thijs Smit

Founder and Managing Director Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting

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