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For better working environments for people, in order for them to achieve their audacious personal and business goals

through successful implementations of Operational Excellence & Supply Chain Excellence solutions throughout Europe

"It is all about the people and the work environment"

In the end all people want to be appreciated, recognized for their effort, and loved. They want to thrive as a person, and add value to their friends, family, work, and community. In order to give your best, it is important you are in the right enabling environment. And we can create this environment ourselves. It is all about choices and the correct balance.
As we spend most of our day at work, this environment needs to be the best one. Here we add the business needs and the personal needs of our colleagues into this balancing equation towards personal growth. 
When people are feeling well and have the feeling they contribute to their environment, they will be more creative and productive. A good company supports this with the right tools, leadership, and culture. It is an upward spiral, where the personal contributions are boosting the business environment and vice versa.
When people and companies are feeling great and performing great it makes the world a better place to live in for all of us. At Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting we are enjoying each milestone moment when individuals, teams, departments, or companies are performing great and feeling better than they did before. That is why

We want to create a better work environment for people, in order for them to achieve their audacious personal and business goals
By coaching, supporting, and working together with our customers we increase their capabilities and possibilities towards their full potential
We use all available and proven continuous improvement lean tools as an accelerant to obtain the better working environment and improved business result

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Who is Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting?

My name is Thijs Smit and I am the founder of Dutch Operational Excellence (DOE) Consulting. I have gained my experience with Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence and Change Management programs in large, medium large and small companies worldwide. While working as a consultant and also being employed within some companies. Therefore, I know from experience what it takes to successfully implement an improvement program and how it is to be responsible for a department and have the opportunity to implement these programs.
My passion is to support and coach people to be capable to improve their own work environment even further, together with an improved performance of the company. I believe in continuous value creation instead of quick fixes. This means that my clients can expect an improved way of working, improved behaviour, a different culture, and empowerment of the employees. I use lean tools, TPM, Kaizen, DMAIC and operational excellence methodologies as an accelerant for these change processes. While using this it becomes tangible and concrete, and we achieve actual results. My approach is, next to

some theory, very practical in which we tackle problems and solutions together and improve to create value on the shop floor. I can explain the impact and meaning of the message from the boardroom, towards the shop floor and can explain the need and next steps back from the shop floor, middle management towards the leaders in the company. 
My strength is to use standard (repeatable) techniques, to approach problems from a different angle, and use my creativity to come to new sustainable solutions. 
Working closely with people gives me lots of energy. I like many sports and use it to push my own boundaries. I use mindfulness to balance myself. I love to be around my family and friends and try to contribute to a happier and healthier world in as many areas that I can influence, privately and in my work.

Besides my own support towards your company I work with seasoned consultants who work with as much passion and drive as I do to make every program a success.

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