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Effect of ownership & maintenance on a Bentley 3 Litre versus Production equipment by DOE-Consulting

If some people would really take full ownership, responsibility and involvement of their production equipment the current performance level will be better. How is it that they ask me to persuasive management to buy new equipment to solve all problems? How is it that one of the first Bentleys, a Bentley 3 Liter from 1927 is still running well, and some production equipment is frequently stopped unplanned? Promotion movie on how Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting can support your company to further improve this kind of changes and implementations.

Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting for opportunities and brighter side of the COVID-19 situation instead of containment & darker side (click on Picture for link to full text)
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Is your company looking towards opportunities or containment? Are you looking towards the brighter side of this situation or to the darker side? Can you already see the new insights and positive chances right in front of your feet arising?

A document written in support to act now towards the brighter side of the COVID-19 crisis

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Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting on change management basics and the emotional responses based on the Covid-19 crisis

Dutch Operational Excellence Consulting on change management basics and especially the emotional responses based on the current events of the Covid-19 crisis, and how this can help your business for the future

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Ondersteuning nodig om het 1,5m afstand beleid efficiënt voor de langere termijn te verbeteren in uw productie omgeving met zo min mogelijk productieverlies en de juiste gezondheidsbescherming voor uw medewerkers?

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DOE Consulting Promotie mei 2020
Introductie van DOE Consulting en managing director Thijs Smit. Over ervaringen, passie en hoe lean tools gebruikt worden als katalysator voor veranderprocessen om waarde te creëren binnen een bedrijf
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